Frequently Asked Questions

I shoot in digital, the camera I use is a Canon for camera enthusiasts.

Yes. Just ask me.

I take a naturalistic approach to capturing your event and I have a unique flare for telling your story through photographs. I freeze-frame all the emotion of the day so you can relive and share your experience over and over and over and over…and over again.

I am after the rawness of the moment, not the perfect smile or perfect pose. That’s when it becomes timeless.

A wedding day can last up to 10 hours and I capture all of them. Phew, that’s a lot of hours!

For Weddings, you should allow approximately 6-8 weeks if an album is not required. Additional time may be required if you’re getting married in peak Wedding season, cause that time is crazy busy.

Let’s talk about your time frames over the phone

$500 deposit is required upon booking your date for a wedding. This guarantees my services as your photographer (non refundable).

The remaining amount is required 1 week before your wedding.

Not at all! They’ll be ready for you to upload to Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, What’s App, email and text message straight away, or you can just print them off and share them with friends and family over a cup of tea or scotch.

Travelling is part of the work I do and all packages are inclusive of travel, but if it’s somewhere over the rainbow and far, far away, (over 100 km) I’ll add on a competitive travel rate to compensate for petrol and accomodation.

Sure do. You won’t get the RAW files (they’re the big ones) or photos that don’t add value to you (the ones where you blinked or have a weird look on your face). The ones you will get will be in high and low resolution in Jpeg format.

It depends on the length of your Wedding the number of guests and the amount of activities involved. It could range anywhere between 500-700 photos or more and depends on the occasion.

Once payment has been finalised we’ll agree on a time and place to meet or if you aren’t local I’ll set up a link for you to download your moments and all photos will be given to you on a USB.

They may be used for promotional purposes (online gallery), social media or entered into competitions, but only if we come to an agreement.

I personally don’t shoot videos because I’ll be snapping the stills.

Yes  please, I would love to share a meal with you and can refuel our creativity.

Quotes are valid for up to 14 days from the time they are sent. After this period prices may be subject to change.

JUST be you, everyone else is already taken and let your outfit reflect your coupledom.

DRESS to impress! Get out the heels and the fancy suit or for a casual look, bring a change of clothes.

TRY and compliment each other’s outfits.

YOUR Hair and Makeup are important, so come prepared or ask us to hook up a look.

DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS! … Make sure your clothes aren’t creased, your shoes are clean, you remember your favourite earrings or the wrist-watch your grandfather gave you.

YOU wanna be Insta ready, so come with your natural filters on.

Please wear clothes that you’re comfortable in, so you’re relaxed.

Don’t match outfits unless on purpose for the shoot, but try and compliment each other.

TRY to wear pastels, cool colours, and neutral tones.

Limit patterns and logos in your clothes, they don’t photograph well.

MAKE SURE you arrive with hair and light makeup on. If you require hair and makeup, we can hook you up with both.

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