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One day I became a husband, and in some years – a loving dad. Sometimes it feels like there was nothing before my family. However, the love for photography has always lived deep in my soul. My family is my life and my inspiration.

The life of a precious human can be measured in seconds, hours, days, months, years or simply a series of unique moments. It is more than just the click of a shutter.

My love of photography was conceived in my high-school dark room. I remember seeing that image reveal itself as it swam in the stop bath; it was truly one of the most exhilarating moments and remains fondly etched in my mind. That experience left a great impression on me and now I get to live out my purpose by capturing the moments of others.

I’m a Natural Light and Lifestyle Photographer specialising in weddings and portraits and I take a naturalistic approach to capturing the moments that matter to you most. The best pictures are the ones that are raw and spontaneous and I feel privileged and inspired to witness the very essence of each of my subjects through my lens.

I’m passionate about documenting your milestones so you can share them with family and friends for many years to come, and as your tribe grows I would like to remain a part these moments and give the gift of freezing them in time.

Photography is the investment of making your memories a physical thing.  Allow me to help you hold these moments in your heart and hands forever.

How much are your memories worth?  That answer is different for each and every person reading this.  All I know is, if my house was burning down, and I could only save only a few treasures, my pictures would be one of them and my cameras!

Not sure which photographer to choose? Yes, I get that. I am here to help and want to share in your vision for your day. You will deal directly with me from beginning to end. I love coffee so happy to meet up and hear all about your day.

Danny Nahlous

My Passion
for Capturing
your Story.

I have been blessed with a wife and daughter which has opened my eyes further into how beautiful and how precious this life really is, and how important it is to live for every moment. I like to see life through a lens and freeze frame those seconds which then can be kept forever, and there is just something about that click of the camera! Being invited to be a part of people lives where they allow me to photograph their personal milestones is an honour and a privilege. My passion for photography will transpire into capturing your story.